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15 mai 2012 2 15 /05 /mai /2012 09:00

102.jpgResults just published by Mafalda on German Car Forum. (Very) Good performances and results but I am a little disappointed it did not get closer to Balocco lap time record (2'42"62 for the Porsche Carrera GT) and quite behind the recent lap time of the Lamborghini LP700-4 (2'42"91).

Tested car: Pirelli PZero Corsa / Final price € 250.000 (tested with sport exhaust, a lots of CF optionals, superlights rims... but standard brakes).
Track conditions: Dry, temp: 14°C.



Top speed 330kph
0-100kph 3.28s
0-160kph 6.45s
1/4 mile 10.95 @ 213.7 Kph
1 km 19.73 @ 268.8 Kph
100-0kph 31.3m
160-0kph 81.6m


Final score: 179.5/200 (177 for the Ferrari 458 Italia)

Balocco lap time: 2'43"46 (third best, 2'43"90 for the Ferrari 458 Italia)

What's good
Incredible engine
Good comfort
Grip & stability

What's not
Rear-stability during hard-brake @ very high speed

Software bugs

MP4 Vs 458 (MY10)
Who is better? It's not easy. Same performances, on track the MP4 is half second faster and less hard to drive at the limit. Good comfort for both, but the MP4 seems a bit better on rough surfaces. But 458 is more emotional...
Performances? no match, but the SLS is more beautiful and emotional.
MP4 Vs Gallardo LP570SL
MP4 is much more faster and much more comfortable! On track the Gallardo is more amazing to drive, thanks to its engine and setup.

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