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14 mars 2011 1 14 /03 /mars /2011 07:30

McLaren_PP_Portimao_56.jpgInteresting piece of information found in Evo:

There's a tiny, front-facing camera in the roof lining of the orange test car. At first I thought Ron was spying on us. Turns out it's a system called Track Data Display. There are two other cameras, one forward-, the other rear-facing. When finished, the package will allow owners to match data from the car to video footage of themselves driving. Yes, there are already dozens of systems like this available, but this one doesn't involve miles of cable. Nor do they offer the chance to match yourself against Lewis or Jenson - there’s talk of having the drivers record laps so that owners can overlay their data traces with someone wearing Vodafone overalls.
If that isn't cool enough, the possibilities with ProActive Chassis Control and good old GPS are mouth-watering. Test driver Chris Goodwin explains: 'Just imagine if we went to every major circuit and recorded a definitive set-up for the suspension on each corner, and an owner could just select the circuit on the car's computer to have optimum chassis settings for that location.'
Further proof that McLaren is approaching the supercar like no one has before.

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