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This short article is intended to sum up and list the first drive reviews. Suspensions are the dominating element of the car, praised in almost every review for their ability to manage a GT level of comfort (BMW 5 series, Mercedes S-Class references have been made) and great handling both on rough roads and track. Handling comes second, with a few reservations related to driver's involvement. The engine is very powerful and offers super high performances to the car, but journalists did not focus as much on it as on the chassis. The transmission has received praises for its speed and smoothness, but a few (including Jeremy Clarkson) have complained about the Pre-Cog function which is demanding a little too much from the driver. The two most negative items are the design, which lacks emotions of a Ferrari 458 Italia and the clinical aspect of the driving experience. Stay tuned for the full test reports expected Spring/Summer 2011 !

List of articles:
- Part 1: US reviews
- Part 2: UK reviews
- Part 3: miscellaneous British language reviews
- Part 4: German reviews

- Evo review

A few additional links:
- Jeremy Clarkson's review
- Auto Express driving session at Goodwood

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