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12 mars 2014 3 12 /03 /mars /2014 08:00

Some excerpts from the test (rough translation using Google):

Handling performance on the track is very strong. The 12C Spider surpassed all its opponents, including the 12 Coupe tested in 2011, thanks to a few additional horses and minor other changes which have made it even faster. We loved it in the fastest sections of the track where, thanks to the fast and accurate steering, and the exceptional stability of the rear end, we were able to go to the first bend as fast as 175 km / h with a lateral acceleration of 1.16 g. But it was just as effective in the narrower sections. The roll, almost null, allows rapid changes of direction, even in the narrowest chicane. On exit, the traction is fantastic, so it is possible to open the throttle unceremoniously despite the 625 horsepower generated by the twin-turbo engine, which stretches with pleasure up to 8500 rpm. The brakes are also exceptional, at the same time for their power (optional carbon ceramic discs) and modulation.

A reality for few, a beautiful dream for all lovers of supercars: with its open top, the 12C is more eye-catching than the Coupé, which didn’t obtain the full consent of the public. As for the content, there is little to discuss: small improvements that came with the 2013 model year have made it even more effective and faster. The opponents, Ferrari in the first place, are warned…

Plus    Extraordinary sensations behind the wheel / Even more so with the roof open.

Minus  Telepass mandatory, because it is impossible to pick up the ticket.

Vairano top five (less than 1:15,00)

1. McLaren 12C Spider : 1:12,92

2. Lamborghini LP700-4 : 1:13,86

3. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta : 1:14,08

4. Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 : 1:14,28

5. McLaren 12 Coupé : 1:14,81


Essai publié dans le magazine italien Quattroruote en août 2013. Commentaires très enthousiastes concernant le chassis (absence de roulis, très bonne motricité, grande efficacité aussi bien dans les parties rapides du circuit que dans les parties plus sinueuses). Louanges également valables pour ce qui concerne les freins (céramique, option). La 12C Spider a établi le record sur le circuit d'essai de Vairano, utilisé par le magazine.

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